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Extreme weather alert for British Isles

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GAC shmi banner 29012014A very intense low (940 hPa) approaches the British Isles on Jan 31-Feb 1 with STORM and VERY HIGH SEA. 

On Feb 1 expected to cause W-ly storm and sign sea 10-14m, max 20m in the waters W off the Channel and in Bay of Biscay. The low weakens and conds gradually improve on 2 Feb.

You are receiving the following Extreme Weather Warning as the following situation is affecting the security and ETA of several ships that are provided with Route Advice by GAC SMHI Weather Solutions. Paying customers ships will receive individual advice at all times and on a regular basis for their ships anywhere in the world and which will save our clients hundreds of millions of USD each year besides saving lives, lost time and other disruptions. If you want to become part of the “weather solutions family” supported by GAC SMHI please e-mail smhi@gac.com and you will save fortunes in fuel, time and a high degree of risk mitigation related to weather related damages to life, ships and cargo.

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