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Fashion’s Buoyancy in New York

by admin
Elena Sendona

Elena Sendona

Fashion plays a pivotal role in the shipping industry as it is the only industry that is able, in its entirety, to afford and follow same to all intents and purposes and at all levels…

Be it exquisite or bespoken clothing and accessories for men or women – and children too, owners or seafarers, office executives and personnel mingle in the name of the game for shopping not until they drop, but up to what they can afford respectively.

The dress code for every day of the week, occasion, you name it is a must and as we do follow up fashion we have from time to time dedicated a few articles and views on fashion and fashion for business.

As the New York Fashion Show Week Fall/Winter  2014 is on, our very special Elena Sendona, who is there now, reports and if you log on the link herebelow you will see the latest; enjoy the read:


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