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Fareast Fashion Excitement in New York

by admin
Elena Sendona

Elena Sendona

Fareast* Fashion excitement rules 2014 NY fashion week’s 7th day were Elena Sendona reports from her encounters with the mysterious style and spirit of its designers.

She begun with Lie Sang Bong’s powerful monochrome looks well interwoven with respective fabrics, she continued with Zang Toi’s grandiose version of the modern day diva and ended with Korean and other fashionistas at the Gentle Monster party and presentation.

The above and other events of this exciting seventh day at the New York MB Winter Fall Fashion Week 2014 can be seen here. Enjoy the read and the unique …moving pics and mingle with your mind at the super parties at the world’s capital, New York, New York!

*to use a chartering shipping term for this geographical destination

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