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press sized for youVesselsValue.com is launching a new responsive website design to be used on any mobile device. The site now automatically adjusts to the optimum size for your hand held device. You can pick up where you left off by saving pages, portfolios and searches which can be accessed anywhere, anytime at the click of a button, for instant value.

How do I get VV Sized For You on my devices?
1. Navigate to the VV web page and bring up the options
2. Click on ‘Add Shortcut’ or ‘Add to Home Screen’
For more information please contact us
by email at info@vesselsvalue.com

“ I don’t like to wait, I work strange hours and I’m often travelling. Therefore,  I need instant accurate information, accessible from anywhere and anytime.” Adrian Economakis Strategy Director

“ ‘ Time is money’ is an old cliché that we all know and understand, but ask yourself
how long it would take you to accurately value a fleet of 100 ships?
Whatever your time is worth, surely it’s a no brainer to use VesselsValue.com, where you can instantly obtain real-time values and supporting market data in a fraction of a second.” Georgina Gavin Sales and Marketing Director

Works across all phones, tablets and mobile devices
Instant access to your last searches
Access portfolios and saved searches anywhere, any time
No updates required
Dual screen capability on your laptop

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