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Ambrey Risk joins BIMCO

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John ThompsonHereford UK – Ambrey Risk has now been formally accepted as an Associate Member to BIMCO. This follows the companies’ achievement of ISO/PAS 28007, the first assessment of a maritime security company’s quality management system against an International Standards Organisation framework (ISO).

John Thompson, Managing Director (UK), Ambrey Risk said, “Clearly this is a significant step for Ambrey Risk to be accepted into a Shipping Association and is indicative of the acceptance and recognition of the private maritime security contribution to the safety of seafarers”.

ISO/PAS 28007, as part of the ISO 28000 family of security standards, gives established guidelines to private maritime security companies (PMSCs) that supply privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships. Certification to these standards demonstrates to the international community that they, and their operatives, can legally, safely and effectively guard shipping.

Richard Bibao, Compliance & Licensing Manager for Ambrey Risk said, “Ambrey’s Associate Membership to BIMCO represents a real opportunity for the company to engage with the Shipping community as a recognised provider of vital services within the supply chain.”

BIMCO is a shipping association providing a wide range of services to its global membership of stakeholders who have vested interests in the shipping industry, including shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents. The association’s main objective is to facilitate the commercial operations of its membership by means of developing standard contracts and clauses, and providing quality information, advice, and education. BIMCO promotes fair business practices, free trade and open access to markets and is a strong advocate for the harmonisation and standardisation of all shipping related activity. Accredited as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with all relevant United Nations agencies and other regulatory entities, BIMCO actively promotes the application of international agreed regulatory instruments.

About Ambrey Risk

Ambrey Risk is one of the leading Maritime Security companies globally specialising in Commercial Shipping and the Oil and Gas sector. The company employs over 60 full-time staff, has more than 200 deployed personnel at any one time and retains around 400 security personnel vetted and available for deployment. Ambrey also offers a unique training package for Military service leavers, which includes opportunities for possible employment on completion of training. The company’s centre of operations is in Brockhampton, near Hereford.An industry leader in risk advisory, management and security services worldwide, with offices and representation in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Greece, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, it has built an excellent reputation as a respected anti-piracy specialist, supporting ship owners, managers, charterers and insurers to the highest standards of compliance.


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