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UK Leads Europe as it Prepare to Embrace Shale Gas Development

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globalprplusApril 28, 2014 Houston TX (GLOBALPRPLUS) The fourth issue of USA Oil and Gas Monitor 2014 is out today. With the growing tension in Russia- Ukraine relations, the reverberating effect that could lead to gas supply to Europe being cut off by the Russian- Governments in Europe are rethinking their dependence on Russia for gas supply. This is why in UK- the shale gas supply chain report commissioned by the UK Onshore Operators Group UKOOG received government approval and commitment to begin exploring for shale gas.

The report shows huge potential economic benefits to the UK economy and measures to minimize the environmental impacts of shale gas have been announced by the Government.

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon has: welcomed an EY shale gas supply chain report that estimates a potential £33 billion benefit to the UK economy and over 64, 000 jobs; fully accepted the recommendations of the MacKay/Stone report to monitor the carbon footprint of domestic shale gas; and announced £2 million competition by the Technology Strategy Board to support innovative ideas to produce or explore for shale gas, particularly focused on projects reducing environmental impact.

In a related development, total U.S. crude oil production grew 15% in 2013 to 7.4 million barrels per day due to shale production. Texas and North Dakota led that growth, with their crude oil outputs each increasing 29%, respectively, from 2012. Production gains in both states came largely from shales, especially the Eagle Ford in Texas and the Bakken in North Dakota. In the three years since 2010, North Dakota’s crude oil output has grown 177% and Texas’s output 119%, the fastest in the nation.

Still on shale news, the first fracking case has resulted in verdict in favor of the plaintiffs – while at the same time, interagency collaboration to address environmental impacts of shale gas drilling; find out more in this edition.

Making a case for asset management, the debate between ERP and EAM systems are discussed and the winner is identified. Find out which of this software’s increases an organization’s productivity, reduce costs, cut energy waste, and encourage the adoption of best business practices.

This issue reports the thoughts of world leaders in the oil and gas industry and world governments. Issues affecting the global oil and gas business were discussed in great details, the Ukraine crisis, and Europe’s energy policy.

These and many more global oil and gas business reports and upstream news are reported in this edition.

Click to download a copy of USA Oil and Gas Monitor Magazine fourth Issue or copy the link into your browser. http://usaoilandgasmonitor.com/subscribe/

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