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Greek elections roundup: outcome & potential implications

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Platon Monokroussos

Platon Monokroussos

Greece Macro Monitor (26 May 2014) –  Main opposition party SYRIZA wins Greek election for the European Parliament

With 99.47% of the total vote having been counted as of the time of writing this report, Greece’s main opposition radical left SYRIZA gained a clear lead in the elections for the European Parliament, winning 26.60% against 22.71% gathered by ruling conservative New Democracy (ND, Elia (Olive Tree)- the centre-left electoral alliance in which junior government coalition party PASOK participates – took the fourth place with 8.02%, trailing behind far-right “Golden Dawn” that collected 9.39% of the vote. The newly-formed centre-left To Potami ranked fifth with 6.61% followed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which received 6.07%. Right-wing anti-memorandum Independent Greeks (ANEL) came in at the 7th place with 3.4%, while right wing Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) received 2.70%. Newly formed Greek European Citizens, headed by a German politician of Greek descent (and member of the European Parliament with Germany’s Free Democratic Party) scored 1.46 percent, while pro-European ex-ruling coalition partner Democratic Left took the 10th place with 1.21%. Overall, Greece elects 21 deputies in the European Parliament, with the distribution of seats across political parties being as follows: SYRIZA 6, ND 5, Golden Dawn 3, Olive Tree 2, To Potami 2, KKE 2 and ANEL 1. Greek parties that failed to elect a representative in the European parliament gathered 17.13% of the vote; while participation reached 59.95% (compared to 62.49% in the June 2012 national election and 52% in the previous European Parliament ballot in June 2009). Graph A at the end of the attached report compares the results of y-day’s ballot for the European Parliament with these of the June 20012 national election.

GREECE MACRO FOCUS, May 26, 2014 – Local and EU elections (1)



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