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BP Marine to Migrate Marine Lubricant Offering to Castrol

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Castrol Logo taglineConsolidation will provide marine customers with a simpler and more consistent product offering

16th June 2014 – Leading global lubricants manufacturer, Castrol, has announced that it will become the sole brand for the BP group’s marine lubricant offering. The decision to consolidate the marine lubricants offerings that are currently provided under both BP Marine and Castrol Marine brands will create a single product and service portfolio that will provide greater simplicity and efficiency for customers.

The transition has been in progress for over two years, beginning with the gradual migration of ancillary products from BP to Castrol. Main grade marine lubricant products and services will also be moved over to their Castrol equivalents in the coming months. Upon completion, this will enable a globally consistent product and port offer that maintains choice under a single brand and wide-reaching global coverage.

Jonathan Hutchinson, Castrol Marine Marketing Director said: “Consolidating BP’s marine lubricants offering under the Castrol brand is just one example of our ongoing aim to continuously offer our customers greater value and efficiency. As part of BP, Castrol provides the same best in class offering, global reach and technical support. The main change is simply the name under which products and services are supplied. The Castrol brand is already recognised by marine customers in over 820 ports and in 82 countries worldwide and has built a reputation over 100 years that is synonymous with first-class service and innovation.”

During the transition period, customers will start to receive Castrol main grade products in place of the BP main grades. All Castrol-branded main grade products have the same OEM approvals as the BP-branded products and offer the same leading quality and performance benefits. Castrol’s main grade portfolio is also fully compatible and miscible with corresponding BP lubricants. This ensures that a tank already containing a BP product can be filled with a Castrol product and the two will mix without problems or impact on performance.

Furthermore, these revisions will also enable existing BP customers greater access to all Castrol’s ancillary products including its BioRange products. At the same time, BP Enercare services will be transitioned to Castrol Caremax. This will not affect service or historical Used Oil Analysis data and existing BP customers will be able to continue using current test kits and sample bottles even if they are BP branded. There will be some adjustments to customer services locations and account teams to reflect the changes but ordering processes will remain the same. Sales advisors are fully prepared to help customers transition smoothly through the process. There will also be no impact on pricing as the Castrol and BP price lists are fully aligned.

All relevant marine lubricants information is now available on the Castrol website. This is also being upgraded to provide enhanced functionality and access to product and will be easier to view on mobile devices.

Jonathan Hutchinson concluded: “We are coming to the end of a process that we hope will be well-received by our customers. Once complete, this will help to simplify customers’ lubricant purchasing processes, as well as streamlining our operations to create mutual efficiencies.”

About Castrol

Castrol is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of premium lubricating oils, greases, metal working fluids, control fluids and related services to automotive, manufacturing, mining, marine, and oil exploration and production customers across the world. Castrol couples high quality lubricant engineering with an expert technical support network and supply capability to deliver quality solutions wherever customers need them. Castrol employs over 7, 500 people, it operates directly in more than 80 countries, and is represented by over 2, 000 third party distributors. Part of the BP group, the company is headquartered in the UK. At the forefront of pioneering technology with its 13 R&D centres globally,  Castrol invests every year in research and development of lubricants. Castrol’s global teams of specialists have a deep understanding of what customers need and advise on solutions designed to optimize performance and help improve quality, productivity and the environmental, health and safety profiles of their customers. The brand represents over 100 years’ experience in ‘liquid engineering’: producing advanced lubricants for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing processes and metalworking to mining, shipping and marine activities and energy production. Castrol’s products and services play a critical role in lubricating the global  economy through what is mined, made and moved around the world.

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