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Vega Ships Management expand post fixture vessel services worldwide

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Capt Ranjan Mookherjee Vega Ships Management

Capt Ranjan Mookherjee Vega Ships Management

Established in 2008 in Dubai, Vega Ships Management announces the global expansion of their all-encompassing vessel post fixture services into the world wide shipping market.

Vega Ships Management offers Vessel Post Fixture Commercial Operation services, headquartered in Dubai, with Port Captains based in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. VSM is manned by Master Mariners and Professionals of the Shipping Industry with years of experience, and provides services which meet and exceeds the needs and requirements of charterers and ship owners alike.

The scope of services spans Post Fixture Operations, Port Captaincy and Cargo Expediting Services, Dry Dock Preparation, Tank Cleaning, Gassing Up and Cooling down Operations, Demurrage Calculations, Claims Handling, Charter party Administration and Agency D/A’s handling.  This includes voyage bunker planning, bunker stemming, supply monitoring, monitoring fleets vetting and CDI inspection status and provision of tank cleaning chemicals and tank cleaning consumables supplies as required.  In addition, VSM manage daily correspondence with all parties involved with the voyage.

Capt. Mookherjee, Managing Director of VSM says “With a wealth of satisfied customers in the Arabian Gulf, as a natural progression we are launching our offering globally. Our motto is “every dollar saved is a dollar earned” and we pride ourselves on our strong focus for excellent service to our customers of the highest quality.”

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