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ClassNK in Collaborative Research of Condition-Based Engine…

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Noboru Ueda

Noboru Ueda

ClassNK in Collaborative Research of Condition-Based Engine
Monitoring Systems for MAN B&W Engines

Tokyo – Leading classification society ClassNK (Chairman and President: Noboru
Ueda) has announced that it will participate in a joint project together with Mitsui
Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (President/Representative Director: Takao
Tanaka) and MES Technoservice Co., Ltd. (Managing Director: Shinichi Fukuda).
ClassNK will support research into the development of condition-based engine
monitoring systems for the Mitsui MAN B&W engine. The developed systems will
assist in the early detection of abnormalities in electronically-controlled diesel
engines in ships.

In recent years, vessels are increasingly being equipped with more fuel-efficient
electronically-controlled diesel engines, allowing ship operators to obtain large
amounts of sensor data in comparison with conventional mechanical engines.
However, this means it becomes the responsibility of the ship operators to monitor
and assess such sensor data, requiring seafarers experienced in analyzing sensor
data to be allocated to such roles. Subsequently, the increase of this sensor data
leads to the increase of workloads at shipping companies.

The aim of this joint project is to discover ways to eliminate workloads by creating a
system that automatically analyzes the electronically-controlled engine’s sensor
data for performance diagnoses, to prevent system failures and to extend the
frequency of overhaul intervals. With this system, both safe operation of the ship
and a reduction in lifecycle costs can be realized.

In 2004, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding introduced an online marine engine
support system called e-GICS, or electronic Global Internet Customer Support, that
provides a variety of functions for performing diagnoses and maintaining equipment.

As of the end of June 2014, the number of registered vessels on the system had
already grown to 3, 000.

ClassNK has also teamed up with its subsidiary, ClassNK Consulting Service Co.
Ltd., to provide ClassNK CMAXS, an advanced and highly reliable engine condition-based monitoring system that uses sophisticated technology to analyze big data.

Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding will incorporate the advanced data analysis
functions of the ClassNK CMAXS system into its own e-GICS system as part of this
joint project into the development of e-GICSX, a practical and quality preventative
maintenance system capable of monitoring engine abnormalities and equipment
performance. This project is scheduled to continue until March 2016.

In this joint research project, ClassNK will use extensive knowledge gained through
years of surveying to make engine inspection even more efficient. ClassNK aims to
use the results from this joint research project to incorporate e-GICSX as part of its
even more advanced and reliable service system, CMAXS.

As well as providing the highest quality technical services as one of the world’s
leading classification societies, ClassNK supports the needs of the maritime
industry both technologically and financially in order to contribute to the industry
as a whole, and this joint research project represents our efforts to do so.

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