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Nicaraguan dockers’ unions win HIV/AIDS clause in CBA

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itf23 September 2014 – The ITF-affiliated Nicaraguan dock workers’ federation (FSTPS), which represents 10 unions, has successfully negotiated the inclusion of a clause on HIV/AIDS in its new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with national port company Empresa Portuaria Nacional (EPN).

Luisa Lange, co-ordinator of the ITF-3F project, which supports collaboration between port workers and aviation unions in the Americas region, said: “This is a significant achievement.

The facilitators trained by the ITF are also carrying out very interesting education work on HIV/AIDS in all Nicaraguan ports. We have seen that this is having a significant impact on the workers, and the company is committed to providing resources for prevention and information activities.”

Twenty-one participants from 10 unions participated in the ITF’s Central America capacity building seminar on HIV for dock workers’ unions in March 2014.

They learned more about negotiating HIV/AIDS related clauses, and how they could use HIV/AIDS related activities to organise unorganised workers. Since then, ITF dock workers’ affiliates in Guatemala and Costa Rica have also negotiated HIV/AIDS clauses in their CBAs.

See how HIV/AIDS and portworkers: a resource pack for unions can help your union raise awareness and take practical action around HIV/AIDS. It is just one of several HIV/AIDS resources produced by the ITF.


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