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GAC 01072014Locks closure for urgent repair works
October 23, 2014, Germany, Kiel Canal

The New Big North Lock Chamber at Kiel-Holtenau

will be taken out of service next week (Monday 27 to Friday 31 October) due to urgent repair works.

During this period only the New Big South Lock Chamber at Kiel-Holtenau will remain in service.

(For information about operations in Germany contact the GAC UK Hub Agency Centre at hub.uk@gac.com)

Source: Sartori & Berger, Germany – GAC agent

Railroad Bridge Closure
October 23, 2014, United States, Mississippi River, Louisiana

From 27 October to approximately 17 November, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will conduct repairs to the 4th Street Bridge and Railroad in Harvey, Louisiana.

The repairs on the bridge and railroad will necessitate them both being located in the down position and, as a result, the GIWW Harvey Lock will be closed to navigation during this work. All navigation traffic will be diverted to the Algiers Lock.

This work is being planned as a three week closure, with some short daytime closures that will likely be required in the month following.

For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com

Change to permissible draft
October 23, 2014, India, Mormugao

After partial dredging in [Mormugao] channel and berths, with immediate effect the maximum draft permissible at Berth No.6 is 14.0 metres during High Tide.

(For information about operations in India contact GAC India at india@gac.com)

Source: Mormugao Port Trust Harbour Notice No.87 (TEMP) 2014 dated 23 October 2014

Construction of physical sea barrier
October 23, 2014, Singapore, Singapore

From 27 October 2014 to 26 January 2015, construction works for a physical sea barrier off Poyan and Kranji reservoir will be carried out.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Notice No.127 of 2014 dated 23 October 2014, the works will be conducted 24 hours daily – including Sundays & Public Holidays – within the line joined by the following coordinates at two separate stretches (WGS 84 Datum):


P1) 1° 21.154’N / 103° 38.298’E

P10) 1° 21.511’N / 103° 38.434’E

P12) 1° 21.568’N / 103° 38.545’E

P27) 1° 22.041’N / 103° 38.936’E

P29) 1° 22.517’N / 103° 39.073’E

P31) 1° 22.521’N / 103° 39.188’E

P39) 1° 23.281’N / 103° 39.524’E


P0) 1° 26.335’N / 103° 44.543’E

P4) 1° 26.403’N / 103° 44.626’E

P16) 1° 26.315’N / 103° 44.803’E

P23) 1° 26.216’N / 103° 44.977’E

P40) 1° 26.224’N / 103° 45.123’E

P40A) 1° 26.130’N / 103° 45.145’E

P41) 1° 26.176’N / 103° 45.193’E

P42) 1° 26.262’N / 103° 45.174’E

P49) 1° 26.285’N / 103° 45.236’E

P50) 1° 26.309’N / 103° 45.231’E

P51) 1° 26.312’N / 103° 45.266’E

P53) 1° 26.298’N / 103° 45.277’E

P88) 1° 26.281’N / 103° 45.660’E

P93) 1° 26.146’N / 103° 45.592’E

P96) 1° 26.032’N / 103° 45.619’E

P101) 1° 26.488’N / 103° 45.991’E

P104) 1° 26.663’N / 103° 46.021’E

The construction of physical sea barrier will entail installation of spun piles and anti-climb fences.

Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and international day and night signals.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:

(a) keep well clear and not to enter the working area;

(b) maintain a proper lookout;

(c) proceed at a safe speed & navigate with caution;

(d) maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 (Jurong Control );


(e) communicate with Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance, if required.

For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at sngapore@gac.com

GAC is a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services dedicated to helping customers achieve their strategic goals at the highest levels of quality, safety and compliance.


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