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The Dry Markets …“rally” and “cool” wets in a struggling world economy…makes the day

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

In this forty-first weekly recapitulation of the markets and world geopolitics affecting same, tonight Friday the 24th of October 2014 John Faraclas and AllAboutShipping in London, present you their view and what to expect…

We reiterate our view that the world has entered its worse so far period, conversely the markets, despite a rise in the dry sector with a 148 plus points since last week, are still unpredictable and volatility is here to stay…(see the Capers and Panamaxes in particular).

This 1192 points of the BDI’s closing earlier this afternoon, is 37 points plus since yesterday Thursday the 23rd  of October, and 148 plus since last week’s 944 points! A 1, 055 points fall from December 2013 closing of 2, 247 points – that’s a 46.9% percent fall!

The BCI closed up 164 points since yesterday at 2, 422 which is 1, 060 points up since last week’s 1, 362 points…A very volatile sector!

The BPI was up 22 points at 1, 121  points since yesterday, which is 155 points up since last week’s 966 points…Above the 1, 000 points mark, but another volatile sector too.

The BSI was down six points at 900,  which is 23 points down since last week’s 923  points; a size to watch as we mentioned last week!

The BHSI was also down two points at 489 and a further 12 points down since last week’s 501 points..

So, all in all a very volatile market and one should not just depend on what China might or not import!!!  It it unlikely that the market will reach the end of last year’s level, i.e. the 2, 247 mark, and even if its does, in no way this can be counted as a plus market given these ten months, as you read these lines of low levels, close to a minimum of 50 centum overall!

The wets on the other hand where different: the dirty and its respective index,  the BDTI, remained the same at 699 since its last closing and just one up since last week’s 698 points…  The cleans with the respective BCTI closed up nine points at 655, which on the other hand is down 19 points since last week’s 575 points.


On the World Stage now:

The Ebola saga first  as always with health issues–things are still very serious.

Ukraine: Will  this Sunday’s election bring any change? As winter approaches who really calls the shots? For a start, a warm up is necessary, but at what cost? Mrs. Merkel et al are trying hard. The end result counts though. Be ready for a very unprecedented deal!

The Middle East: too much mess on all fronts. The latest events in Sinai, Tunis and the continuous mess with ISIS speak of itself. Let the generals of our Western Alliance, that is NATO, do the job….err the trick before is too late!

The Ottawa shootings yet another mess; strange

Libya: Be careful in the entire area, particularly in all ports; terrorism looms in the back streets….

Europe: The Economic Crisis continues. It might ignite. Be on guard. Too many “politicians” and countries trying to lead, spoil the broth… Many politicians should be sacked: see what happens and continue to happens in Greece today after the storms/bad weather that hit the country. Many parts of Attica in a mess. Nothing really happened over the last fifteen years, that many governments claimed they have protective plans from rain and floods… Shame dear oh dear Greek Parliamentarians! David Cameron at odds with the extra £ 1, 7bn to pay in Europe’s coffers…..

Deadly substances sent to five diplomatic offices of five countries’ consulates in Istanbul can raise other fears in the region with a total destabilisation on the cards…

In the Far East the Hong Kong saga still remains a flashing point.-

Remind you the two events of Capital Link on the 4th Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR forum in London on the 4th of November, the New York event on the 1st of December on the 16th Annual Greek Investors Forum. Book early to avoid disappointment…

Remind you NOT to miss Intermodal Europe 2014 on the 11-13 November in Rotterdam Ahoy; a promising as always event!

Cadwallader’s event by the London Shipping Law Centre is on the 25th of November is approaching; hope you managed to get a seat!

On another tone now…the eighteenth  tip for the extended summer vacation is…  Chester,  one of the most classic towns in England!

Enjoy the weekend and for us in the UK, lets be careful with the changing weather..

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