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DNV GL Container Ship Update | Issue 01 – 2014

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Container Ship Update No  01 2014 1Please find herebelow the link to DNV GL’s customer magazine for the container shipping  industry – Container Ship Update – Issue 01.2014, with the following contents:

  • Development of large container ships – what are the limits?
  • Will the Suez Canal limit the size of ULCS?
  • Hull optimisation – making good ships better
  • Performance monitoring unlocks dormant energy savings
  • LC and RSCS – boosting container ships’ cargo intake and stowage flexibility and improving safety
  • Parametric roll – risk reduction through real-time detection
  • LNG as fuel is spreading into container shipping
  • ReVolt – the unmanned, zero emission, short sea ship of the future
  • Recent newbuildings


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