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The “Energy International Risk Assessment” (EIRA) November 2014 Issue

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Donna Hatzioannou

Donna Hatzioannou

The latest  EIRA  Newsletter  Vol 2 Issue 11 for November 2014* is out! Amongst  other important topics it includes: a) Middle East turmoil is challenging Saudi Arabia b) Tunisia: the only one to survive the Arab Spring, c) Power price hikes overburden politics in Bulgaria, d) Caspian Sea status: Agreed to agree, some time later on and a few more food-for-thought independent, view-wise articles/reports.

As of November 2014, viewers you can read this monthly independent newsletter, the Energy International Risk Assessment (EIRA), and other risk evaluations of selected issues and developments,  within the international energy sector on EIRA’s new website,  WWW.EIRANEWS.COM.

It has already been over a year now that we bring you this specialist Energy Newsletter  and your positive responses encouraged the EIRA team  to continue their efforts with greater enthusiasm. For this reason they launched  EIRANEWS.COM, to facilitate access to their risk assessments.

In addition to EIRA’s monthly articles, the website will also feature a News in Brief column and an Open Forum page
where you are invited to send articles, analyses and comments for publication via email to info@eiranews.com.

EIRANEWS.COM is a product of cooperation between some of the most highly experienced professionals from the
energy sector.

EIRANEWS.COM will continue to cover developments in the Middle East, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Balkans and Africa.

EIRA can also provide professional consultancy for the creation of a suitable business environment in the energy sector. Please contact us at info@eiranews.com for more information.

The latest EIRA Newsletter, log on:   EIRA Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 11


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