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CONNECT introduces its internship program and invites the shipping community to become MEMBERS

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Irene Notias

Irene Notias

CONNECT supports companies and young professionals with the mission of sustaining the excellence in shipping. It adds value by safeguarding quality and sustaining high standards, by ensuring that the new entries are well equipped and can fit into the shipping work ethic.

“As college students enter the work force without any previous “on the job training” or basic administration skills, they are left on their own to improvise in their new positions. Working basis trial and error costs the company and its customers time and money; or a colleague trains them while leaving their own work behind. Having gathered specialized expertise together for this project, we guide & groom shipping-educated students & grads through specialized seminars and career counselors on our team. We compliment the HR facility, if existing, making life easier for companies.”  states Ms Irene Notias, Director.

“At CONNECT, we add value to the candidates by offering them an introduction to the shipping business world and to the work ethic, helping them clarify their goals, ambitions and reasons for joining shipping, through cancelling. We also offer CV editing, presentation skills training, interviewing tips and orientation & mentoring on what it takes to build a successful career and become a valued professional.” She continues.

How they do it:

  1. Promote the determined, self-motivated, willing to work hard, reliable students & graduates who have the interest to listen, take instruction, learn, apply themselves and thus develop into a productive employee.
  2. Assist in the candidates profile from CV to presentation skills for interviews & thus they offer an enriched CV Bank of pre-screened potential employees to pick from.
  3. Provide guidance and crash courses on Administrative Assistant skills, paid by the candidate or enterprise, such as:   business letter writing, phone and office manners, listening & communications skills and dress code for office.
  4. Provide self-development training seminars.

CONNECT enhances the chances of placement for grads in internship (and entry level) posts when there is a demand and campaigns to the existing network  of clients & partners (Prime Management Services’ shipping network )to take on interns.

“We vision a changing-for-the-better Greece”, claims the director, Ms Irene Notias.  She adds, “CONNECT was born from the realization of the current urgent need of the young workforce to enter the workplace, and of the Shipping companies to recruit the right people. We bridge this gap.


Be a MEMBER at CONNECT by offering an internship which benefits your company with manpower and a chance to train a Greek professional-in-the-making which contributes to your company’s CSR profile.

AMBASSADORS:  As an Ambassador, you assist by taking on an intern, and/or a cadet for a “sandwich course”, who has been prescreened and is prepared to join your company.  You promote CONNECT by referring or linking us to other potential members within the Shipping Industry. We do the same for you and include you in our online communications.

SUPPORTERS:  As a supporter you are part of a joint effort to establish CONNECT, Shipping’s HR hub, by helping to cover its operational costs. You can contribute anywhere from 150 euros up to 5000 euros (be our guest) the sky is the limit! CONNECT will offer prescreened interns, entry levels, and/or cadets for “sandwich courses” that are prepared to join your company. CONNECT promotes you as an employer and includes you in its online communications.


Whether you have focused your studies in shipping or you have decided to make a career change and enter the industry, our mission is to offer opportunities to YOU to craft your career in Shipping. Though we cannot guarantee you a job, we can open up the door for you to join the Shipping Community, enhancing the chances!

Please see our menu of services and available seminars, choose the most appropriate for you and contact us to organize the next steps.

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.connect-her.gr

Contact details: E-mail: bridge@connect-her.gr   Tel:  +30-6948-282-298

* Prime Management Services (PMS) is a reputable world-wide service provider.  In over a decade it has built a strong reputation for professionalism, results driven approach and an extended network, delivering services to more than 100 top shipping companies in Greece and across the globe.



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