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Videotel and Mines Rescue Marine launch innovative enclosed space management system

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Enclosed space image

Enclosed space image

London, U.K. – 08 January 2015 – Videotel, in conjunction with Mines Rescue Marine, has launched the innovative and unique Enclosed Space Management System, designed to help effectively assess, audit and manage the safety of enclosed spaces on board ship and combat the number of accidents and fatalities that all too often occur when problem areas are overlooked.

Beneficial to crew; contractors; surveyors; port state inspectors and office staff; this is currently the only computer-based system available that enables vessels and installations to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) adopted Resolution A.1050(27) “Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships”, Section 3 – Safety Management for Entry into Enclosed Spaces, as well as the latest SOLAS recommendations for enclosed spaces.

It provides an auditing process to follow, allowing safety risks to be identified and solutions to be put in place. All crew members can contribute to this ‘living’ system by adding their own comments, photographs and experiential data to each space record, ensuring that knowledge is retained and the risk of safety being affected by crew changes is lowered. It also provides ready access to all essential information needed to enter and work within an enclosed space as safely as possible. Gathered information can be viewed ashore as well as on board and a PDF report can be sent directly to any third party by email, as required. All data entered is stored and hosted, and the system itself is updated at regular intervals to reflect changes in laws and regulations.

The Enclosed Space Management System’s auditing process allows for the assessment of internal spaces, entry points and rescue requirements, e.g. the size of manholes; difficulty of entry; ability to rig a man riding winch for rescue purposes; availability and effectiveness of communications; dimensions of the space; internal design features; and the ability to operate whilst wearing breathing apparatus. It also prompts the user to record the manpower and equipment requirements for both entry into and potentially rescue from, a space. On completion of the audit, a simple traffic light warning system is provided, based on the degree of difficulty to get into, operate inside and rescue from each space.

Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel, says: “We are very proud of the Enclosed Space Management System which, we believe, will make a meaningful contribution to industry efforts in the prevention of needless loss of life. As a further extension of its all-encompassing programs on enclosed spaces, Videotel is pleased to be able to take this unique step in helping the maritime industry take a proactive approach towards a significant reduction in issues involving enclosed spaces.”

Raal Harris, Director of e-Learning & Digital Media at Videotel, explained: “We have spent two years working with Mines Rescue Marine researching and developing the Enclosed Space Management System. The Mines Rescue Service has a vast amount of experience and knowledge, as well as specialist skills in the field of rescuing mineworkers from underground. This, combined with Videotel’s expertise in training and e-Learning, has resulted in a practical, easy-to-use system designed to become an essential part of everyday life in the shipping industry.”

Adam Allan, Managing Director of Mines Rescue Marine, states: ‘’This is the culmination of a two-year project initiated by our realisation that one of the major problems on ships and offshore installations was the lack of detailed audited information on enclosed spaces, and a specifically designed depository for it. We felt that if we could provide a facility which shares information with not only crew members, but others working on board, such as surveyors and contractors, it would considerably increase the safety of people entering and working in these spaces. Together with our partner Videotel, we developed the Enclosed Space Management System, the only such system in the world. We believe it will change the way in which enclosed spaces are dealt with forever.”

About Videotel

Videotel (www.videotel.com), the market-leading provider of training films, computer-based training and e-Learning, is part of KVH Industries, Inc., a premier manufacturer of solutions that provide global high-speed Internet, television, and voice services via satellite to mobile users at sea, on land, and in the air. KVH is also a global news, music, and entertainment content provider to many industries including maritime, retail, and leisure.

About Mines Rescue Marine

For over 100 years, Mines Rescue Service Ltd (MRSL) has developed its specialist skills, experience, and knowledge, gained from working in a difficult and potentially dangerous environment, to effect the rescue and escape of mineworkers from underground. This has ensured that MRSL are the foremost company in the world for dealing with enclosed space problems and rescue.

MRSL are unique in having been approved by the Secretary of State for the provision of an escape and rescue service to U.K. underground coal mines, and are subject to rigorous audits by the Health and Safety Executive.  MRSL has brought this expertise into general industry and has existing contracts with the Power Supply and Aeronautical Industries, amongst many others. In addition, MRSL are responsible for the training of many Fire and Rescue Services in Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue.

The formation of a new division of the Service, Mines Rescue Marine, five years ago, has brought this expertise to the Marine Industry, making MRM the world’s foremost experts in Marine Enclosed Spaces. As well as conducting intensive studies of Enclosed Space problems within the Marine environment, MRM have engaged in multiple Enclosed Space exercises on a wide variety of ships, applying relevant skills and procedures to many unusual and often unique problems.

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