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Unsustainable dry markets; …buoyant wet ones…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

In our third weekly recapitulation of the markets and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, tonight Friday the 16thof  January, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London we stress the effects of oil, prices, geopolitics and terrorism!

• The BDI closed earlier this afternoon at 741 down 8 since yesterday but up 22 since last week’s 709 points, thanks to the capers. This slight “upturn” wasn’t sustainable more than 48 hours…. We are still on very low levels and to get back to the 2, 000 plus market we need a strong EUROZONE and a strong Japan. These two depress the world economy; add China’s sagas et al and see where we stand!

  • The BCI closed up 35 points at 620 which is nearly double (309) since last weeks 311… one though index doesn’t constitute a market!
  • The BPI was down seven points at 759 which is five points down since last week’s 764 points!
  • The BSI was down 19 points at 716 which is 84 points down since last week’s  800.
  • The BHSI was down seven points at 418 which is 28 points down since last week’s 446 points.-
  • On the wets now, an upwards level made the ….day! The BDTI was at 942 which is 5 points up since its last reporting and 47 up last week’s 895! The BCTI was up two points at 744 which is four points up since last week’s 740 points… not bad given that the price of oil climbs up to US$ 47…Hurray!

The Geopolitical front continues to be as per our predictions with: 

  • The UKRAINIAN saga as reported last week is still in a mess.
  • Europe has entered a demonised period given the terrorism acts which should forthwith end! France, Belgium have been hit and let’s see where stop with this lot… We must end this situ with terrorists and we must show them zero tolerance with whatever this entails.
  • The Greek Elections will bring more tremors and as we say in Shipping terms for safety etc etc, and before we allow loading of cargoes et all, fumigation takes place; Greece needs an act of fumigation to see all those politicians and their cronies who destroyed the country go home. That applies also for many European countries’ politicians and their cronies who created this mess in Greece, as well as in their own countries. The Greek opposition leader who heads a twenty something lot of groups, must understand that any promise he makes and any election firework he launches must be done when he comes in power, otherwise he must understand that he will destroy Greece; he will flatten the country. Equally Greece’s current prime minister and his party failed to grasp the chance and do something to avoid the coming mess.- In this coming election, Nemesis will have a say!
  • China has ambitions but these ambitions will be strongly challenged. Lets see firstly what are the Chinese designs for Central and Latin America… BRICS have also a say there… Also to watch the spy case of Ma Jian….
  • Good news to read that US loosens Cuban travel restrictions! …Your man in Habana will let you know shortly what’s going on there!!!
  • The Pope in Manila says to end corruption and end the scandalous social inequalities there!

Viewers can watch the live video herebelow:

We insist to be on Guard on all fronts. As said last week, the year begun too abrupt in all fronts and there is more on the way…Despite all these happenings, we insist that this is a great market to be in. The Shipping Industry’s prospects will continue to be an oxymoron…

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