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Greek Elections 2015: nuts and bolts…

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The Greek elections went well without any trouble whatsoever; fair’s fair, but technically speaking we have the nuts of Syriza and the bolts of Anel (that is the coalition partner Independent Greeks) so all things being equal we expect now to see materialised their pre-election campaign promises; remember the Dutch saying: “Promises make debt and debt makes promises”…

This was a result that was more or less expected from our side and we now await the official appointment of all ministers, and others in what looks set to be a small and flexible coalition administration.

As for the shipping industry of Greece in its entirety – local and ocean-going, let’s hope all got the message from the past, as well as from last week’s international conference run by Naftemporiki newspaper. Same applies for the functions of the Ministry of Shipping together with the Hellenic Coast Guard; our humble advice is: don’t destroy the best Greece is doing successfully internationally. There are though some minor hiccups, but make sure you rectify them with care as you must!

For the record the 36.3 per cent with 149 MPs for Syriza ridiculed New Democracy which managed a low 27.8 per cent and 76 MPs, as its leader never took account of what would result from an unjust austerity, cuts and the rest of it, failing also to really speed up reforms, including those affecting the electorate system and law. The other parties scored single numbers, percentage-wise and low numbers of MPs. Golden Dawn clinched 6.28 per cent and 17 MPs, the same number of MPs as the River (To Potami) who got slightly less of the vote, 6.05 per cent. The Communist Party of Greece got 5.47 percent and 15 MPs, whilst the other party in the new coalition, the Independent Greeks of Panos Kamenos achieved 4.75 per cent and 13 MPs, the same with PASOK who came last in making it to the parliament with just 4.68 percent…

Sir Winston Churchill’s defeat after World War II, despite being the father of the war, the winner, should have warned Mr Samaras of New Democracy to follow a pragmatic policy and not to wait until after losing the election to admit mistakes.

The ball is now in the court of Messrs Alexis Tsipras (already prime minister since earlier on today) and Panos Kamenos. They are the ones to ‘make or break’ and of course this medium has been advocate of the stance that Greece, at the end of the day, owes nothing back; you need two in a tango, it is the lenders to blame for the way in which they have lent money to Greece via the Greek politicians and the way they have ‘safeguarded’ same, where no risk assessment took place and now those lenders are for over five years pestering with inhumane tactics the Greek people.  So if Messrs Tsipras and Kamenos are ready, willing and able to deliver they must name, shame and punish all those ministers, their cronies and accomplices who embezzled money since the restoration of democracy in Greece in 1974, exactly forty years ago – matching Mr Tsipras’s age!

We are pleased that Nemesis has “made” its first come-back, and hope all 300 MPs in Greece’s new parliament get their act together, or they will one day end up – you know where….

Wanting to eliminate the Greek “debt” is one thing, knowing how to do it and remain unscathed, yet another. Always remember: “Never promise wax to the saint, nor cakes to the child”.-

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