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Weekly Top 10 Emerging Trends in ‘Dry Cargo’

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Each week we provide 10 stats about Dry Cargo Trade to keep you informed about important trends:

1) Tradeviews estimate dry cargo growth of 5.2% in 2014, compared to 6.4% in 2013.
2) Our data shows there was no growth in dry cargo trade during Q4 2014. This is normally a strong quarter a reflects falling commodity prices.
3) Fertiliser trade has seen a 2% rise in Q4 2014,  with Urea trade growing by 4%.
4) The grain trade has fallen nearly 5% in the last quarter. Wheat has fallen 11% and barley has fallen31%.
5) Cement was one of the best performers last year with approx 179 million tonnes traded, growing10%. The average for the last 5 years was a CAGR of 5%.
6) The Indian sub-continent had strong regional demand in 2014 receiving approximately 339 million tonnes growing 12%.
7) Dry cargoes loading in South America have grown 2% in 2013 and 2014 and stand at approximately 700 million tonnes.
8) Cargoes into South Korea grew 7% last year to approximately 275 million tonnes.
9) Steel tube cargoes are estimated to have grown 8% last year to 48 million tonnes.
10) The sugar trade has remained flat at approximately 58 million tonnes in 2014.

For more statistics please see our website.

Below: The London Gateway team moor up the Munkebo Maersk this week.

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