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TT Talk – Road & rail risks 3 March 2015

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This month we take a look at road and rail risks, covering fraud and theft, carriage regimes in North America and discussing the impact of changes being implemented for maritime carriage for safety for the remainder of surface modes.Also in this issue, TT Club announces the appointment of Justin Reynolds as Regional Claims Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Thomas Miller launches a new app. Finally, take a look at the events in which we will be participating.

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Peregrine Storrs-Fox
Risk Management Director, TT Club


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Theft trends – carrying out effective due diligence


Cargo fraud and theft impacts everyone in the international supply chain. A buyer of cargo needs the same assurances as the provider of logistics services, who relies on others for contract fulfilment. These risks consistently are amongst the top five incidents seen by the TT Club that collectively account for about 2/3 of claims through the supply chain.


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In the news


Thomas Miller launches new app
Download the new Thomas Miller App and get access to publications and associated media from across Thomas Miller managed Clubs and businesses. Through the App you can view, search, download and email a range of communications from brochures to circulars, from a number of the Clubs and businesses.
The free app is simple to navigate – tap between Clubs and businesses for the latest publications and live feed content together with our regular PDF publications.Read more…



Some rules of the road and rail in North America


When one looks at Road and Rail Risks in North America, there are many different regulations and time limits to be aware of depending on the type and location of transport.


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In the news



TT Club appoints Regional Claims Director EMEA

TT Club, the leading international transport, freight and logistics insurance provider, has appointed Justin Reynolds as Regional Claims Director Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Based in London, he will be responsible for handling member’s claims across across the EMEA region.

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More to be done – the road to safety


Over the past year much has been written about changes to Maritime legislation to improve safety and to minimise the risk of containers being damaged or lost at sea.

There is also work on amendments to international standards concerning containers. What’s the impact?



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Events in 2015


This year TT Club will be participating in event across the world. Whether we’re presenting or simply attending, we will be delighted for you to join us!• European Shipping Week – 2-6 March, Brussels

• Transport Week – 17-19 March, Poland

• Steadfast Convention – 18 – 21 April, Adelaide

• TransRussia – 21-24 April, Moscow

• TOC Asia – 21-22 April, Singapore

• 11th Trans Middle East – 29-30 April, Qatar

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