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Ship Efficiency Weekly – The Essential News – 15 March 2015

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Adapting Engines For New Operating Profiles

The recent sharp fall in bunker prices may have taken some of the momentum out of the drive for greater engine efficiency but the issue still lies close to the top of most ship operators’ agendas.

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First Commercial Order For Air Lubrication System

Silverstream Technologies has announced the first commercial installation of its Silverstream air lubrication system on the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel Norwegian Bliss.

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Port of Gothenburg: 20% of Vessels Not Complying With 2015 ECA Rules

The Port of GothenburgTuesday announced an 80 percent fall in sulphur emissions following stricter rules which came into force on January 1, 2015, but 20 percent of ships are not complying with the new rules.

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BIMCO Calls for “Robust” Enforcement of Sulphur Limits in Emission Control Areas

BIMCO is calling on governments to exercise “robust” enforcement of sulphur limits applicable to ships operating in Emission Control Areas in order to ensure that the industry is operating at a high level of compliance.

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Hong Kong Confirms New Low-Sulphur Rules to Enter into Force on July 1, 2015

The Hong Kong government has confirmed that new sulphur regulations are set to come into effect July 1, 2015, with violators facing fines or even jail time.

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ERMA FIRST Develops First Freshwater-Compatible BWTS

ERMA FIRST has presented the first ballast water treatment system (BWTS) that is compatible for operation in fresh water.

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