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Maersk Line North America selects WAM Technologies for remote monitoring and inspection of new reefer container gensets

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WAMDeployment of WAM’s M2M GensetConnect tracking system will support operational, fuel and inspection efficiencies for Maersk Line North America gensets to ensure integrity of temperature sensitive cargo and reduce environmental impact 

New Jersey, March 16, 2015 – Maersk Line North America.has selected WAM Technologies LLC (WAM) to provide M2M technology for remote tracking, monitoring and inspection of its refrigerated container generator sets (gensets). The company will fit WAM’s GensetConnect GPS/GSM wireless telematics devices to 1, 453 of its gensets in this initial install, including 881 clip-ons and 572 underslung units. Maersk also has the option to install the WAM technology across more of its 6, 000+ strong North American genset fleet.

The M2M devices capture real-time data on location, fuel levels, whether units are running or not and other key operating parameters. Information is fed to WAM’s M2Connect cloud-based asset management platform, which allows Maersk and Mark-It Services (MIS), its reefer service provider, to actively monitor and control genset performance. The system also includes alarms for immediate, automated notification of unplanned genset shut-downs, low fuel and other critical conditions. WAM’s M2Connect platform enables remote management worldwide for reefer containers, gensets, chassis and other transport equipment moving by road, rail and sea.

The new technology will enable Maersk Line North America to track and manage its new genset fleet across the North American ports and intermodal transport network. Among key benefits, GensetConnect will enable the carrier to implement the Virtual Inspection Program (VI Program) developed and operated by MIS, WAM’s sister company and  North America’s leading provider of reefer monitoring and protective services.

On a long-haul US rail trip, a reefer container and its genset typically require 4-6 manual inspections at rail ramps while in-transit, to ensure the integrity of refrigerated loads. This includes checking that the genset is working properly and has enough fuel. By remotely monitoring the condition of reefer boxes and gensets fitted with telemetry devices, the VI Program is proven to significantly reduce the number of manual inspections/services required, while maintaining high levels of cargo and equipment care. Since its launch in 2008, the VI Program has enabled MIS to reduce manual reefer box inspections per trip by up to 64%, and has saved the company’s shipping line clients millions of dollars in inspection fees and fuel bills

Fuel is a major operational expense when transporting reefers with gensets. By monitoring fuel levels throughout the journey, GensetConnect enables users to accurately match the volume of diesel in the tank to the needs of the reefer’s journey, improving fuel usage efficiency and minimizing costs. Having a hard record of the actual volume of fuel consumed during a journey can also be useful in disproving fraudulent claims of diesel usage and discouraging fuel theft.

“Maersk Line North America was looking for the newest generation of tracking technology and, after a structured bid process, selected WAM Technologies as its preferred supplier, ” said Mark Heck, CEO of Mark-It Services. “We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship to provide protective services for Maersk’s North American reefer shipments by rail, supported by the latest M2M technology to ensure the best operational, fuel and cost efficiencies.”

ABOUT:      WAM Technologies LLC helps companies manage transport assets on the move with powerful wireless M2M connectivity solutions that enable remote global tracking, monitoring and control of refrigerated, intermodal and other ground transportation assets.

WAM’s M2Connect platform pairs advanced transport telematics with on-demand cloud software to give international and domestic users real-time insight into the status of their equipment fleets, driving better asset utilisation, less cargo damage and lower operating costs. WAM has particular expertise in end-to-end cold chain transport asset management, providing industry-leading solutions for remote visibility and control of refrigerated containers, trailers and gensets.

Beyond technology, WAM is partnered with one of the world’s most experienced providers of refrigerated transport monitoring and inspection services, tracking 900, 000 loaded reefer containers, gensets and trailers every year across the ports and intermodal network.

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