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Hot Port News from GAC

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GAC 01072014Temporary lock chamber closure
March 24, 2015, Germany, Kiel Canal

Due to delays during construction works for the service tunnel at Kiel-Holtenau, the Big North Lock Chamber will be temporarily closed between 0800 and 1800 hours tomorrow (25 March) and on Thursday 26 March.

The Big South Lock Chamber will remain in service.

(For information about operations in Germany contact the GAC UK Hub Agency Centre at hub.gb@gac.com)

Source: Sartori & Berger, Germany – GAC agent

Navigation restrictions due to flocculation
March 24, 2015, United States, New Orleans, Louisiana

Due to heavy flocculation (slush) in the Southwest Pass, the BAR Pilots have instituted the following navigation restrictions:

Inbound vessels drafting 38 feet (11.5824 meters) or greater may NOT cross-in during the 7-hour period that begins 5 hours before high tide and continues to 2 hours after high tide.

There are no restrictions for inbound vessels drafting below 38′; or for any out-bound vessels.

For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com

Silt curtains east of airport
March 24, 2015, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

For approximately 18 months, silt curtains will be established [to the east of Hong Kong International Airport] along a line joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (C):

(A) 22 deg. 18.958’N / 113 deg. 56.619’E

(B) 22 deg. 18.939’N / 113 deg. 56.673’E

(C) 22 deg. 19.045’N / 113 deg. 56.766’E

The silt curtains will extend vertically from the sea surface to the seabed. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid along the surface of the silt curtains to mark the extent of the silt curtains.

Diving operations will be carried out from a work boat from time to time during the laying, inspection and maintenance operations.

The vessel engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in international and local regulations.

Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution and keep clear at slow speed, bearing in mind there are divers working in the area.

(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong at shipping.hongkong@gac.com)

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.43 of 2014

Normal traffic resumed
March 24, 2015, Turkey, Izmit

Traffic in Izmit Bay is back to normal after being halted due to a connection wire on the bridge braking during ongoing operations on Sunday (22 March).

For information about operations in Turkey contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com

Transit delays
March 24, 2015, Panama, Panama Canal

Due to delays caused by high arrival rates and full utilisation of booking slots for the Panama Canal, non-booked vessels planning to pass through the waterway are urged to secure transit as soon as they have a firm ETA.

Vessels are recommended to secure transit booking during the second period (21 to 4 days prior transit).

Current average delays are as follows:

Supers (large, over 91 feet in beam, transit with restrictions):

– Northbound: 5-6 days

– Southbound: 5-6 days

Regulars (small, under 91 feet in beam, unrestricted transit):

– Northbound: 4-5 days

– Southbound: 3-4 days

For information about operations in the Panama Canal contact GAC-Wilford & McKay at gac-wilfordmckay.panama@gac.com

GAC is a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services dedicated to helping customers achieve their strategic goals at the highest levels of quality, safety and compliance.


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