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Greece: True reformists spell it out

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALast Sunday, an enthusiastic audience filled the Athinais Auditorium in central Athens to listen to real pragmatist reformists who, anticipating the need for immediate rescuing their nation, delivered some down to earth papers.

Over 400 attended this gathering which provided the necessary momentum for some sort of merging of efforts by pro-liberty, pro-Europe, pro-market groups and activists.

The Leap for Development congregation  at noon included  seven speakers with more than interesting papers*: Takis Michas “Moving to a pleasant tomorrow”; Tassos Arvantitis “Institutional Framework: Supportive or executional?” ; Harris Vlados “Leap for development; from which base?”; Nikos Yiannis: “The role of active European citizen”; George Bitros: “Which model for development we need?”; Petros Doukas’: “Real experiences during my political career and proposals for tomorrow”. The last speaker was Thanos Tzimeros with a very down to earth account on “Wide space, Zero time”.

We were pleased to read  the slides from Professor Bitros referring to the success of Greece’s shipping saga; well done!

WP_20150402_001After the break,  two panels, moderated by Nikos Nikolaides and Nikos Yiannis respectively, discussed issues of “Reforming Ideas” as well as the “Reformist’s Platoo”.

During the first panel, Nikos Economopoulos, George Pantelemides, Stephanos Kotzamanis and Elias Konstas discussed how one can contribute the introduction of these “reforming ideas” to the wider public as well as to the politicians; at the second panel, Matthaios Papakiritsis, George Billinis and Harris Vlados discussed  how the “Reformists” can obtain a common political expression.

We look forward updating this news of this new force based on the initial Proclamation of the 42, with the papers from the speakers. Watch this space!

* the titles/themes of the speakers papers are in free translation from Greek

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