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MarineTraffic.com releases new notifications

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MarinetrafficUsers of the world’s leading AIS vessel tracking service MarineTraffic.com now have access to a number of newly released notification features. It is now possible to be notified when the crew of a ship change its reported destination and when the ship’s draught changes by more than a pre-defined amount. These are just two of many new notification features, which can be found within the redesigned ‘My Notifications’ section of the website.

Argryis Stasinakis, Partner at MarineTraffic said:

“The new notifications which MarineTraffic now offers will make the website more useful than ever before. Currently, we have 600, 000 registered users, with 80% receiving notifications already. Five to seven million notifications are sent each month. We expect this number to rise significantly as users become accustomed to the new notification offerings. Shipowners, shipbrokers, traders and cargo owners are a few among many customer groups represented in our user-base who will be able to use the notifications to enhance their business offering and customer service.”

The new notifications are described below:

  • Destination changed: a notifcation is sent when a vessel’s crew manually changes its reported destination.
  • Vessel to Vessel proximity: a notifcation is sent when a vessel is at a defined distance away from another vessel.
  • Vessel to Port proximity: a notifcation is sent when avessel’s distance from port is less than a defined number of nautical miles away. Receive subsequent notifications based on predefined distance intervals until arrival.
  • Changed Course: a notification is sent within ten minutes when a vessel’s course changes by a specified degree.
  • AISETA changed: a notifcation is sent when a vessel’s crew changes its reported estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • New Photo Uploaded: a notifcation is sent when a new picture of a vessel or port has been uploaded to MarineTraffic Photo Directory.
  • Midnight or Midday position: a Midnight/Midday Position Report for a user’s vessel (UTC time) can be sent.
  • Vessel stopped or underway: a notifcation is sent when changes in vessel speed occur. When a vessel’s speed is 0.5 kn or under, or 3.5 kn and above, the user receives a Stopped/Underway notification.
  • AIS Vessel draught changed: a notifcation is sent when a vessel’s reported draught changes by more than a predefined value.
  • AIS Status Changed: a notifcation is sent when a vessel’s crew change the Navigational Status of the ship.


MarineTraffic is the leading and most popular global AIS facility with over 600, 000 registered users and almost 20 million vessel positions registered each day. It is an open, community-based project providing free real-time information to the public about ship movements and ports mainly across the coast-lines of many countries around the world. The system is based on Automatic Identification System (AIS). Marine Traffic operates over 2, 000 AIS stations located in more than 165 countries across the world and delivers the most comprehensive AIS coastal tracking facility available today.

Through a partnership with Orbcomm, MarineTraffic also offers a satellite tracking facility for those vessels on ocean passages and out of range of coastal AIS stations. This allows vessels to be monitored in open ocean.

Marine Traffic attracts around 5 million unique visitors and almost 20 million visits to its website each month. More than 500, 000 users access MarineTraffic from mobile apps.


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