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ABP Newport goes Green for Gwent

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Matthew Kennerly, ABP Director South Wales with Debbie Stenner and Ian Rappel from Gwent Wildlife Trust.

Matthew Kennerly, ABP Director South Wales with Debbie Stenner and Ian Rappel from Gwent Wildlife Trust.

ABP’s Port of Newport is teaming up with the Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) to preserve precious landscapes on the Gwent levels.

Important wetland reserves will be protected thanks to the partnership, which sees ABP working with the GWT to maintain the fragile wet flower meadows of Magor Marsh.

The Port of Newport has become a gold level corporate member of GWT, supporting its vital work while employees will be given the chance to help out on the ground.

Associated British Ports (ABP), owner and operator of the Port of Newport, is an active contributor to the environment with a commitment to sustainable development at each of its five South Wales ports of Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Swansea and Port Talbot.

As well as its involvement with GWT, ABP’s South Wales ports have installed a series of solar panels on offices and warehouses, are building a ground based solar farm in Barry, that will power up to 2, 000 homes, installed a 2, 300 kW wind turbine at Newport saving 2, 900 tonnes of carbon every year, and have installed Bee Hives and swift nesting boxes in Cardiff.

Matthew Kennerly, ABP Director South Wales said: “ABP and the port of Newport takes its responsibility to the environment seriously – that’s why we are so committed to introducing renewable energy and biodiversity schemes into the port estate wherever possible.

“So we are proud to be a partner of the Gwent Wildlife Trust. The trust has an essential role to play in protecting the region’s wildlife and we are fully committed to supporting its work.”

Ian Rappel, Gwent Wildlife Trust CEO, said: “The generous support from Associated British Ports is going to help with the management of the beautiful reserves down on the Gwent Levels, securing this landscape for future generations.

“With a number of important wetland reserves on the Levels, particularly the site of special scientific interest, Magor Marsh, the work of Gwent Wildlife Trust is as important as ever to nurture these wet flower meadows.”

“ABP plays a very important role in supporting our vision for people close to nature, in a landscape rich in wildlife.”

About ABP South Wales

ABP’s Ports of South Wales, Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Port Talbot and Swansea contribute £1.4 billion to the UK economy every year and support 15, 000 jobs in the region.

ABP’s South Wales Port’s handle over 13 million tonnes of cargo every year.

About ABP

ABP is the UK’s leading ports operator with 21 ports and other transport related businesses creating a unique national network capable of handling a vast array of cargo.

ABP contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy every year and supports 84, 000 jobs. Our current investment programme promises to deliver an extra £1.75 billion for the economy every year.


· Handles over 1.5 million vehicles every year

· Generates around one quarter of the UK’s rail freight

· Has 1.4 million square metres of covered storage

· Has 1, 000 hectares of open storage

· Handles around 100m tonnes of cargo each year

· Owns 5, 000 hectares of port estate

· Has 87km of quay

Our five year investment programme is worth £837 million. Our investment is designed to respond to the needs of our customers whose business relies on our ports for access to international and, in some cases, domestic markets.


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