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Listing of Schibsted ser. B at Oslo Børs

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oslo borsPublic listing of Schibsted ser. B at Oslo Børs

Applied date: 08/05/2015
Accepted date: 26/05/2015
Listing date: 01/06/2015
Ticker: SCHB

Schibsted ser. B

Schibsted has around 7, 800 employees in 29 countries. The Group has two strategic pillars. Firstly, our Media houses with leading positions on print and online. Its footprint is in Scandinavia as well as selected markets internationally. Secondly, our Online classifieds with leading positions and high profitability combined with good growth in several European markets. The Online classifieds is also rolled out in new countries. Schibsted’s revenues where in 2012 NOK 14.8 bn., 40% online.

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