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Dean Metropoulos

Dean Metropoulos

In the context of the CSR Conference «Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Society» in Athens next Thursday, June 25, 2015– Hilton Hotel,  the «2015 CAPITAL LINK CSR LEADERSHIP AWARD» will be presented to C. Dean Metropoulos,  Chairman & CEO of Metropoulos & Company by Mr. Yorgos Kaminis, Mayor of Athens of Greece

The «Capital Link CSR Leadership Award» is annually presented to an organization or a person for outstanding contribution in elevating Greece and Greek culture globally and contributing to society.
This year’s Capital Link CSR Leadership Award will be presented to Mr. C. Dean Metropoulos, a Greek American businessman of global statute. Mr. Metropoulos, Chairman of Metropoulos & Company, is a highly recognized and respected private equity investor. During his 28-year investment career, he has consistently achieved top tier returns across 82 acquisitions. He is highly sought after as a partner and co-investor by other international private equity firms, sovereign funds and global banks. His firm has expanded its activities to include the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Metropoulos is recognized for his unique expertise and reputation in restructuring and repositioning acquired companies which often act as platforms for further synergistic acquisitions and get subsequently listed or are sold to other strategic corporations. By restructuring and consolidating these companies, Mr. Metropoulos brings “healthy” companies to the market place and ensures job opportunities and a better future for thousands of families.

Mr. Metropoulos and his wife, Marianne, have been actively involved in supporting many Greek American organizations as well as numerous charities that support causes around the world.

Metropoulos’ international reputation and well know Greek heritage act as a catalyst to attracting external investments in Greece and it is Mr. Metropoulos’ hope to promote and encourage changes in the transparency, the streamlining of the bureaucracy and legal system and the creation of “internationally modeled” valuations and partnerships in order to attract global capital and move Greece’s economy forward.

According to Mr. Metropoulos, “The talent and capabilities of Greek business leaders in Greece and throughout the world, is a unique and powerful opportunity that can transform Greece into a successful participant in this exciting generation of technology, international investments and globally transforming businesses. We all have a vested interest in helping our ancestral and beloved Greece as we encourage its transformation into this exciting generation of opportunities.”

Last year’s Honoree of this Annual Award – «2014 Capital Link CSR Leadership Award»- was Mr. John Catsimatidis, Chairman & CEO of Red Apple Group in New York City.

Capital Link, as part of the Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum taking place in New York, presents every year the “Capital Link Leadership Award”. This award is presented annually to a person or an organization for outstanding contribution in fostering closer business ties between Greece and the global business and investment community.

The “2012 Capital Link Leadership Award” was presented to Mr. Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Dow Chemical Company, the 2013 award was presented to Mr. John Calamos, Chairman, CEO & Global Co-Chief Investment Officer of Calamos Investments and the “2014 Capital Link Leadership Award” was presented to Mr. George Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Libra Group.

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