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John Kouvaris becomes President and CEO of PPA in Greece

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One of the PPA's buildings in the seafront of Piraeus Port

One of the PPA’s buildings in the seafront of Piraeus Port

Following a decision taken this morning by the General Assembly’s shareholders of the PPA (Piraeus Port Authority), John Kouvaris becomes the new President and CEO, following a recommendation by HRADF (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund).

John Kouvaris is a member of SYRIZA’s Intermodal Transport Committee and its president, a party faithful.

Other new entrants are Stavros Karamargios replacing Pan Petroulas and Stamatis Kilakos who are now executive members; Lia Frangos, Vassilis Korkides, RAdm George Roides, George Kastellanos, St. Drakontaides, lawyer Olympia Tsilikidou; Athanassios Liagkos remain as representative of HRADF, all being non- executive members and the mayor of Piraeus Yiannis Moralis and workers’ representatives George Georgakopoulos and Nick Georgiou filll the other positions. Their tenure is for five years.

The General Assembly strongly condemned the absence of Stergios Pitorlas, head of HRADF; the dividend was increased… and the president of the Federation of Employees of Greek Ports Giorgos Georgakopoulos emphasised and condemned the favourable tax and competition regime that COSCO enjoys, requesting a halt of the PPA’s shares sale.

A new Collective Agreement is on the cards…

Finally the former President and CEO of the PPA, George Anomeritis, gave a full account of what the PPA did under his long presidency saying that the neo-liberal choices created an upheaval , misunderstandings and delays in the matter of privatisation and expressed his dismay with respect the sale of the shares package of the majority of the shares to one and only one individual and same were out of any logical context. He hopes that whatever has happened will be declared unconstitutional and same also, in his view are counter-productive and catastrophic.  Time will tell… Watch this space and let’s see COSCO’s and others’ reaction.

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