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Platform News – NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents Annual Report 2014

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The cover of the Annual Report 2014

The cover of the Annual Report 2014

Brussels,  22 June 2015 – The NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a global coalition of environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations working to promote safe and clean ship recycling worldwide, presents its Annual Report 2014.

You are invited to find out more in our report including:

  • a summary of the Platform’s findings about global shipbreaking trends in 2014, statistics on the total number of ships dismantled in 2014, when 62.5% of all end-of-life ships from all over the world were broken in South Asia (India: 309 ships or 30%; Bangladesh: 222 ships or 22%; and Pakistan: 110 ships or 10.5%).
  • our activities and campaigns in 2014: the Platform’s Annual General Meeting in Brussels; our European campaign to ensure that European policy makers find sustainable solutions to the current shipbreaking crisis; our corporate campaign led with progressive shipping companies, cargo owners and ship recyclers who commit to responsible recycling practices; our international campaign; and our South Asian campaign in the shipbreaking countries, where the Platform and its member organisations advocate for regulation and action to stop illegal imports of toxic ships and the implementation of existing legislation to protect the workers and the environment; and
  • a presentation of our new partner organisations, and the changes to the Platform’s Board structure and the secretariat.

Download the Platform’s Annual Report 2014 here or by clicking on the report above, or send us an email if you prefer to order a hard copy.

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