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Marine Money's Chairman Jim Laurence

Marine Money’s Chairman Jim Laurence

Now, what a week that was in New York City with the shipping and finance world’s top brass three day Marine Money Week Conference (16-18 of June) at the Pierre Hotel. I guess the pace was set earlier on this year in London during the Marine Money’s Capital Formation for Shipping event!

A well in advance selection of variable maritime and financial aspects, given the state of the world’s  economy and the low prevailing in the freight and shipfinance market’s after the 2008 crash of the BDI and the subsequent crisis that not only oversupply offers, but geopolitical jeopardies, this conference covered and examined everything, not just anything, you want to know about in the maritime spectrum!

1, 270 attendees together with a unique combination of speakers, moderators from all over Planet Ocean examined and debated all issues “bothering” the industry, particularly in untapping money…

The programme as you will see* covered all the questions the industry’s specialists have envisaged for.

In a much changing world that was the best time to have all these deliberations aired and coupled with an Awards Ceremony and other social events made New York once again the talk of the Square Mile in London and downtown Akti Miaouli in Piraeus or the Fullerton promenade in Singapore…

This 28th Annual Marine Money Week in New York will be remembered, as most of the participants told us, as the one which will set the new course in Strengthening the Partnership in the Shipping and Capital Markets.

Congrats to all; Organisers, Sponsors, Supporters, Delegates, Speakers and Marine Money’s partner Jefferies in staging this specialists event from which the entire world depends on it results!


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