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A helicopter searching for migrants

A helicopter searching for migrants

Shame shame shame! The despicable Migrants saga continues with one more incident, this time in Greece and in particular in eastern Crete, at the port of Sitia where one more boat with illegal immigrants, victims of migrants traders/traffickers safely arrived. John Faraclas writes:

Earlier on the small boat was spotted off the island of Karpathos and the passing by cattle carrier Rama towed her safely with 175 migrants to the Port of Sitia, where  an odd case appeared during the briefing of the 31st immigrant, who declared that the migrant traders/traffickers have been paid to take them to Italy and they don’t want to be disembarked and send to Athens as they will be sleeping in Constitution Square and other squares of the Greek capital. Each had paid a hefty lump-sum to be “forwarded” to Italy, and they also had cash on them. They requested to be assisted by Italy’s and Germany’s Embassies/Consulates in Greece…

The Greek authorities and in particular the Hellenic Coast Guard did their utmost supported by the local Police Authorities, charity organisations, the Greek Orthodox Church and philanthropists to assist in any way the illegal migrants, some of which have been already before in the same position and have been sent back (one way  or another). Amongst them were not only simply women, but pregnant women, children and infants, but also disabled people on wheel chairs and few elderly people!!! Medical tests a must to avoid further disasters for Crete, Greece and Europe, but also to assist these desperate people. Having said this, we must be on guard as terrorists mingle amongst them…. Did I hear you say, sleeping ducks….? We must saw zero tolerance!!!!

One can imagine the effect of the migrants  – who were brought on board the cattle carrier, of the smell from animals and animal food…

It is understood that the migrants emanate mostly from the war-torn Syria… A war of shame… Wonder why there isn’t yet a European Coast Guard to guard Europe’s frontiers particularly when the Turkish Authorities keep a blind eye… It goes without saying that corruption rules all other countries from where migrants and their traders / traffickers emanate and operate! Brussels, can you read me..?

We praise the officers and men / women of the Hellenic Coast Guard for their professionalism, particularly under the difficult conditions prevailing in Greece, as well as all the Greek Authorities in supporting them. This latest incident on Crete must be the beginning of the big change to properly tackle the despicable Migrants issue!

We will keep you posted once we have more news on this!


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