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The SYRIZA Clash

by admin

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATime and again we have warned you of the world’s biggest scam that takes place in Greece from within and from external factors and forces – always looming in the background for 2015 years (the last 40 being more detrimental than one can imagine…). We have also expressed in the most open way our views on what will happen in Greece ever since this medium went live, please read once again our analysis of how to save Greece since the 29th of December 2011 …!!! There are dozens of articles on the issue, so go on our search and see for your self, which mediums tells the truth!

The latest SYRIZA’s extraordinary conference yesterday – what a… gathering…, obviously from its outcome and what was aired, leaves no hope! The Greek Nation needs an immy change with an administration* of Aristos to firstly salvage Greece and then set the course for resurrecting life, I mean the ailing greek economy and social well-being; the rest is pure nonsense, not just the one that we live with the Greek lefty looney, but for the other parties (ND and PASOK and Demar in particular) who brought Greece to a standstill after 40 plus years in power.

The Greek saga and all plans, future agreements etc etc are all in hanging in the air. Nothing will end until the fat lady sings. Even the IMF (hooray hoorey) is now concerned on the greek bailout! We will wait to see how will the greek prime minister responds later on today to his former finance minister’s actions; be on guard and watch this space!

*No politicians to participate, a must!

P.S. For keeping your moral up, listen to this special song above by the Clash; the greek prime minister and SYRIZA rebels might… like same as we all do…


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