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Chios, just off the Harbour Masters/Hellenic Coast Guard HQ's: Young migrants playing around, whilst at the far end their parents wash their clothes...

Chios, just off the Harbour Masters/Hellenic Coast Guard HQ’s: Young migrants playing around, whilst at the far end their parents wash their clothes…

As we have reported over the last three years and in particular over the last six months, the focal point these days in the Mediterranean region, especially in the Central/East is that of the Migrants. John Faraclas warns:

The despicable situation gets from worse to worse every single second; more immigrants from war-torn Syria and other regions as far as Afghanistan, Northern Iraq and Pakistan are entering Greece and its eastern Aegean Islands mainly from Turkey, more immigrants are landing in the Italian Islands and Italy from North Africa and in particular from Libya; migrants are lost by dozens  every single day, migrants attempt to leave Lebanon too and find their death off Turkey when their boats capsisize, more immigrants create havoc across Europe as far as the UK, European Governments are building walls to jkeep them out and others vehemently object their presence in their territories (for fear of breaking/destroying social cohesion, and rightly so) and soon this explosive situation will lead to unprecedented scenes. Those seen today on Greek TV will  soon look like a kindergarten… compared to what we expect to see…

There is no humane way of tackling the Migrants, there are no plans in place to deter the threat Europe is facing due to the political inability of all European Governments and respective ministers, despite the known know how and experience/training of the Armed Forces and Security Services particularly the Navies and Coast Guards, and there is no mandate at all! Both sides are in the mercy of useless politicians and their cronies. Nobody reprimands Turkey and the hundred of traffickers operating from the Anatolian coast… The Greek Islanders had enough! Tourism and Maritime Tourism are affected!

Nobody does a thing to deter the Libyan mess leading to more Migrants leaving for Italy. Without also an iron fist against ISIS, I mean relentless bombardment and ground forces’ engagement, things can turn sour… If ISIS is ruthless, our block can become ruthless too; ENOUGH!

One wonders, what has been achieved from those “operations”, such as the Arabian Spring and those previously in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas. The despots are not only ousted but executed, the result though is far worse than before. If you don’t do it excellent don’t do it at all – unless, as we believe, you* have done it on purpose!

None of the respective ministers has resigned due to their inability to contain the issue; the world is watching with apathy the sufferings of both sides, but Nemesis will strike soon. Are there any Leaders around? This is a warning as terrorists also loom in the background! It is time for an awakening!

*We all know who is doing this, as Leonard Coen says: Everybody knows..

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