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Remote maritime telemedicine business ClipperTelemed+™launches partnership with Sailors’ Society

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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Jan Webber and Tom Bettle

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Jan Webber and Tom Bettle

Maritime telemedicine business ClipperTelemed+™and global maritime charity, Sailors’ Society are to jointly promote healthand well-being at sea through a series of dedicated events.

ClipperTelemed+ provides enhanced remote medical care to seafarers globally, and Sailors’ Society aims to transform the lives of seafarers in port, at sea and at home. Clipper Telemed’s medical service and Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme both serve to enhance the well-being of the world’s shipping industry.
The new partnership was unveiled at a reception alongside the ClipperTelemed+ branded yacht which will soon compete in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, leaving London on August 30.

The ClipperTelemed+™ team willuse the Clipper Race’s global platform to take the business to many influential shipping and yachting hubs.

Sailors’ Society Wellness at Sea is a coaching programme for officers and cadets aimed at improving seafarers’ on board health and well-being. Wellness at Sea seeks to address two mutually dependent industry-wide concerns; seafarer welfare and crew attrition rates.

Tom Bettle, ClipperTelemed+ Business Development Manager, said: “ClipperTelemed+ provides remote primary and emergency medical care to seafarers the world over. Our unique approach not only enhances crew well-being, but in so doing brings crew reassurance and confidence along with remarkable economic benefits to the ship operator.

Wellness at Sea from the Sailors’ Society works absolutely in parallel with what we are able to provide.

“Officers who have completed a Wellness at Seacoachingprogramme should be able to spot the early signs of illness in their crew and ClipperTelemed+ can diagnose and treat or advise on a course of care.”

Working alongside Sailors’ Society, ClipperTelemed+will run a number of receptions, sailing days and other events to introduce ship operators and others working within the maritime environment to both organisations and explain how a healthy, happy crew will make for an efficient vessel and truly enhance the bottom line.
Jan Webber, Sailors’ Society’s Director of Fundraising, said: “Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme aims to help seafarers look after their health and well-being on-board ship, addressing the issue of poor mental health and the associated risks that can arise as a result of a life at sea.The health and welfare of our seafarers is vital to a thriving shipping industryand we’re delighted to be working with Clipper Telemed to jointly promote this issue. “

ClipperTelemed+™ isa joint venture between Clipper Race organisers Clipper Ventures Plc and its Global Medical Emergency Support Partner, PRAXES Medical Group.

Launched in April 2015, ClipperTelemed+™ provides fast emergency and general medical support from PRAXES Medical Group physicians based in Canada, to all seafarers, no matter how remote their location.

Crew on yachts, superyachts, commercial ships and exploration rigs can benefit from the service which uses the latest telecommunications technologies to provide access to fully qualified emergency physicians within five minutes, wherever the casualty is located, in any language.


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