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Meet Eniram at Smart Operations: Copenhagen

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When: Tuesday, 6th October, 11.35
Where: The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen


Implementing Profitable Data Driven KPI’S
Capt. Jan Wilhelmsson, Director, Commercial Shipping

After 100 years evolution of communication technology in the shipping industry, on the shore side we still tend to do things as they have always been done. With the introduction of Big Data, the sky is the limit. Nevertheless, many organisations are not managing to reap actual financial benefits through their performance data efforts. To successfully implement data driven KPI´s which actually enhance the financial performance of a shipping operation, ensuring that key elements are measured adequately and utilised correctly is an essential start. By focusing on a few key areas and keeping it simple, significant progress can often be made quickly.
Picture of Capt. Jan Wilhelmsson

Speaker Bio

A former seagoing officer and senior executive with 20 years industry experience, Jan is now driving the development of new products for commercial operators at ENIRAM. Although he has sailed a variety of vessels and holds a Master ticket, Jan spent most of his career commercially operating large trade lanes, and has particular interest in advanced commercial optimization.


Established in 2005 by experienced seafarers and technologists, Eniram provides the maritime industry with energy management technology that enable customers to save fuel, increase profitability and reduce harmful emissions.
Smart Operations: Copenhagen

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