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WISTA Personality of the Year 2015 Award –

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The WISTA International President, Karin Orsel, with the WISTA Hellas President, Angie Hartmann,  with the Award. In the background, members of the Greek delegation

WISTA HELLAS’s Members’ “Collective Personalities” win the WISTA International Personality of the Year Award for 2015!

“We are stronger together – WISTA HELLAS”, resounded through the room and to the ears of the NWA representatives present at the 2015 AGM on October 7th in Istanbul, Turkey hosted by WISTA Turkey this year, as the video presentation concluded the WISTA Hellas nomination for the WISTA PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2015 AWARD leading to a deciding vote in favor of the “Collective Personalities” of WISTA Hellas.

The video presentation reflected on how the collective work, effort, drive and achievements, of all the members of WISTA Hellas, in all sectors of the shipping industry and in the face of economic obstacles during this especially trying past year in Greece, led to continued growth and opportunity both within and outside the network. The video displayed images of the difficult times in Greece while also running through pictures and clips of members being presented with prestigious awards, being interviewed and speaking as experts in their field, leading environmental friendly projects, conducting shipping forums and thus making the Association a role model, examples of great achievement and an industry voice, meeting all award criteria. This year marks the first time since the inauguration of the Awards in 2006 that the Award was presented to a National WISTA Association and not a particular individual.

The WISTA Hellas President, Angie Hartmann, and members participating in the AGM with theAward

The WISTA Hellas President, Angie Hartmann, and members participating in the AGM with the Award

After being presented with the Award, Angie Hartmann, WISTA Hellas President stated with great emotion and surrounded by her fellow WISTA Hellas Board members and Delegates, “It is with great pride and joy that we share with our members the WISTA PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2015 Award.” Mrs. Hartmann was also heard on the video explaining that what was unique was that “in turbulent times, WISTA Hellas continued to do what it always does, day after day, and that is continue to network and continue to work towards creating opportunity despite the difficulties.. that it is who WISTA Hellas always is, that made the difference.”

Members of the Greek Delegation

Members of the Greek Delegation

The nomination was indeed a unique nomination in that it was the first time it was not made for a particular individual. The document submission explained, “Going beyond the traditional criteria, we felt compelled to make sure that the greater network of WISTA has knowledge of the significant achievements of WISTA Hellas throughout its existence and stand as one voice representing 220 of the most dynamic, determined, energetic, progressive, open-minded and hard-working women in the country, who form part of the most forceful shipping communities of the world. For us, there were no yes or no votes, no referendums or polls; just hard work, commitment and solidarity, with the vision and inspiration to endure and overcome the tempest of our times.” With these words, WISTA Hellas supported its nomination yet made it clear that the nomination was not about winning, but about making a statement about its significance during such a critical point in history for Greece. This significance was recognized by the majority of the International WISTA community who voted for WISTA Hellas which was up against six very strong candidates coming from Argentina, Italy, Nigeria, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

Members of the Greek Delegation

Members of the Greek Delegation

Naturally, the Greek delegation of around 35 members, was overwhelmed by the video presentation and then of course by winning the Award and joined their President and the Board with whom they dully celebrated!

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