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PPG HI-TEMP™ spray-on insulation coating: improved safety, energy efficiency & corrosion control

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PPG HI-TEMP707HB_2Spray-on insulation for petrochemical and process industries is up to 33% more cost effective than mechanical insulation and 9% more energy efficient than similar coatings

Pittsburgh, USA,  27 October 2015. PPG Protective and Marine Coatings has unveiled worldwide PPG HI-TEMP 707 HB, a spray-on insulation coating that delivers higher levels of personal protection and energy efficiency, while preventing CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

Specifically developed to operate under extreme conditions where pipes and other assets are exposed to process temperatures from -57⁰C to 177⁰C (71°F to 351°F),  PPG HI-TEMP 707 HB spray-on insulation coating provides excellent personal protection by protecting workers from getting burned and complying with ASTM C 1055. This Standard requires that an asset’s surface temperature which is accessible to workers be in the “safe zone” (approximately 58°C to 60°C (137°F – 140°F)) so that it can be touched for up to 5 seconds without resulting in a skin burn injury.

Designed to offer a simple, spray on, and seamless alternative to expensive mechanical insulation methods,  PPG HI-TEMP 707 HB coating can be applied directly onto hot surfaces of up to 150°C (302 °F).  With its ability to be spray applied at 1250 µm (50 mils) per coat, application is easy and the speed of application reduces the cost of insulating assets by up to 33%. Furthermore, it has been proven to deliver energy savings of 9% compared to other similar spray-on insulation products on the market.

Mike MeLampy, PPG’s Global Business Development Director comments:

“Petrochemical, nuclear and process plants are some of the most extreme industrial applications for a coatings system, requiring a close understanding of the environment the product must address. For people working within these facilities, safety is the number one priority and PPG HI-TEMP 707 HB spray-on insulation coating has been proven to be a safe solution for those working directly with it, both within laboratory and field tests. It provides outstanding anticorrosion properties with insulation and aesthetics making this a unique solution for long-term asset protection.”

When used in combination with a primer and topcoat,  PPG HI-TEMP 707 HB spray-on insulation coating completely seals the asset ensuring there are no gaps or crevices for moisture or contaminants to penetrate, thus significantly reducing the costly risk of CUI.

However, if CUI does occur, visual detection is quick and easy – a major advantage for maintenance managers as, when mechanical insulation materials are used, CUI is not immediately visible and can often remain undetected until the damage is significant.

PPG: Bringing innovation to the surface.™
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