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Oslo Børs joins global movement for sustainable development

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oslo bors04/11/2015 – Oslo Børs is a new partner in the United Nations’ Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative.

“Stock exchanges are uniquely positioned between policy makers, investors and companies to facilitate a new market dynamic that puts sustainability centre stage, ” said UNCTAD Deputy-Secretary General Mr. Joakim Reiter.

Oslo Børs join a growing sustainability movement, now covering 39 stock exchanges across five continents.

“Oslo Børs are pleased to be joining the SSE initiative. We indeed support transparent and secure capital markets with a high degree of integrity. Oslo Børs was for example the first exchange to launch a separate list for green bonds, ” said Ms Bente Landsnes, Oslo Børs President and CEO. “The SSE is an excellent platform to discuss and further develop best practice approaches in sustainability, and we will now join the discussions.”

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