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GE to Provide Key Technology to the UK Defence Infrastructure Organisation…

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GE aircraft carrier 1920NOV2015GE to Provide Key Technology to the UK Defence Infrastructure Organisation for the Royal Navy’s Portsmouth Naval Base

  • GE builds on its long lasting relationship with the Royal Navy by providing Rotary Frequency Converter (RFC) system to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)
  • GE will utilise existing facilities at Portsmouth naval base to ensure seamless installation of the RFC systems
  • Apart from the installation and commissioning, GE will also provide testing and training for its RFC systems

Rugby – November 19, 2015 – GE is pleased to announce its partnership with VolkerStevin Ltd. to provide technical solutions to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) for the Royal Navy. Through this partnership, GE is set to design, manufacture and commission a Rotary Frequency Converter (RFC) which enables efficient, safe and reliable power transfer from the national grid to HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, based at Portsmouth Naval Base, UK.

The electricity from the UK national grid, which operates at a frequency of 50Hz, will be converted by the RFC into 60Hz for use by the equipment on-board the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier. This allows for the ship’s diesel generators to be switched off whilst at berth in Portsmouth Naval Base, reducing noise, pollution and costs. GE Marine’s RFC solution consists of a motor, generator, a static excitation system, a synchronous frequency convertor and associated equipment.

Marking this partnership, Gerrit Smit, Project Manager from VolkerStevin said: “GE’s cost competitiveness, technical compliance and deep presence and experience in the naval industry convinced us that we are in a safe pair of hands. We are happy to be partnering with GE and look forward to ways in which their know-how can complement our ambitions.”

GE Marine’s reliable RFC solution is designed to have an operational life of 30 years and has an existing Type 45 Destroyer service team based at the Portsmouth naval base. GE is also contracted to carry out testing, commissioning and training on its equipment, as part of the contract.

“GE is once again proud to provide solutions which will enable the Royal Navy to perform its duties efficiently. As a key supplier of propulsion related systems, we have had a long-standing association with the Royal Navy and are happy to extend our partnership through this project, ” commented Tim Schweikert, VP, GE Marine.

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