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Holiday Bonanza For The Cyber Criminal

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Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson


The staff slowdown in the run up to the festive season could leave companies vulnerable to a cyber-attack, according to ESC Global Security.

With staff frequently away from their desks or, after a turkey lunch, a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine, asleep at them, it is important that companies remain cyber-conscious over the holiday period.

Highlighting how the festive period is traditionally bonanza time for the cyber-criminal, ESC Head of Cyber Security Joseph Carson said: “January is usually the biggest month in terms of major security breaches and with the end of the year looming – always a period given to an increase in data breaches – it is vitally important to remain cyber-conscious and implement protective measures.”

According to Carson, companies operating in the retail, technology, financial, transportation and infrastructure sectors are most at risk.

“Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are on the rise while ‘ransomware’ and the use of targeted phishing attacks are being used for financial blackmail and to gain access sensitive, confidential information. No one is excluded. No company or individual is too small to be a target.”

He went on to reveal that cyber-attacks in 2015 resulted in more than 500 data breaches and the disclosure or more than 150 million records, including 70 million medical health records and the details of 37 million users of infidelity site Ashley Madison.

“The loss of sensitive data is the single most important challenge faced by companies today, ” he said.

To help those companies operating in the transportation sector in particular, ESC Global Security has published a White Paper, called Somebody’s Watching You,  explaining what companies need to do to protect themselves and their data.

“Simply increasing company-wide cyber security awareness and focusing on specific areas could mean the difference between an attempted cyber breach and major financial loss resulting from a successful one, ” Carson said.

To read the ESC White Paper in full please click here.

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