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Mikkel Hansen expands the Danish Maritime Cluster

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Mikkel B. Hansen

Mikkel B. Hansen

Three weeks ago to date, Mikkel Hansen was appointed as Ambassador for world-renowned Blue MBA of the Copenhagen Business School; a week ago we met him at The Maritime Development Centre of Europe in Copenhagen and we had the chance to interview him live.

Mikkel Hansen is the CEO for the Maritime Development Centre of Europe (MDCE) or EMUC in Danish, being the Europas Maritime Udviklingscenter, as well as for the Association for Promotion of Danish Shipping.

His mere interest is focused in enhancing the Danish Maritime Cluster to all intents and purposes and given his educational – obtained his Blue MBA at CBS, as well as career so far background both on board as well as ashore, is the person to watch, the person hands-on-the business to develop and materialise same!

The Danish Maritime Cluster is not just a strong component of the dynamic European Maritime Clusters, but amongst the best in the world, a leader too! Given the last 200 years of maritime development  and excellence in all sectors of Danish maritime business life, is a power to be reckoned!

In the five minutes live interview that follows  Mikkel Hansen, explains very simply, what he will do:

Video filming by Anny Zade.-

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