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The Saigon moment* for the Shipping Markets

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) stranded below the 500 point mark and the industry desperately looking the way towards the 2, 000 mark safety points for the Dry Markets and respective indices, with the Wets being a bit contradictory and fluctuating, the Saigon Momentum is a fact. Yesterday we gave you some hints and reality!

For the record, the BDI closed earlier on today just one point up, thanks to the Panamaxes; the Index stood at 475.-

The Capers, losers yet again with a minus 16 at 469, the Panamaxes …offsetting the damage with a plus 12 at 457 points and the Supras and Handies one, a +/- 1,  at 450 and 270 respectively, tell’s the story!

The last published wets on 879 for the BDTI, that’s minus 10 and 577 for the Cleans’ BCTI that’s a plus six!

Be ready for every eventuality but go for it, in a new ordering spree, as this is your chance – for those with ample funds available; this will also sort out the wheat from the chaff, once and for all: shipping is for the very very few!

*A Saigon moment is when people realize that something has gone wrong and that they will lose or fail. 

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