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MarineTraffic joins Equasis as provider of geographical positioning data

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MarineTraffic, the world’s most trusted AIS vessel tracking service has started supplying geographical positioning data to the Equasis project, a European Commission initiative started in 2000 to make ship safety information more widely available.

The Equasis project makes information including a vessel’s age, ownership, management, flag, classification society, P&I club and recent geographical positions available via an online database that is freely accessible worldwide to registered users. It helps promote the exchange of unbiased information and transparency in maritime transport, closely aligning it to MarineTraffic’s own company values and aims.

MarineTraffic, along with other AIS information providers, is supplying Equasis with vessel position information via its network of over 2, 000 AIS receiving stations located in more than 165 countries, and has become a member of the Equasis board.

Argyris Stasinakis, Partner at MarineTraffic said:

“We are very excited to have joined Equasis and look forward to supporting the project through supply of vessel position information and promoting the service on social media.

We are supplying high quality, position data collected using our global AIS network which will be updated on the Equasis website on a weekly basis.

In the future, Equasis users will also have access to vessel pictures provided by MarineTraffic from our extensive vessel photo database.

MarineTraffic’s vision is to make the maritime ecosystem more efficient and transparent. The Equasis project was established with a very similar vision – we are delighted to be partnering with such a likeminded initiative.”

www.marinetraffic.com  www.equasis.org

MarineTraffic is the leading and most popular global AIS facility with over 740, 000 registered users and almost 20 million vessel positions registered each day. It is an open, community-based project providing free real-time information to the public about ship movements and ports mainly across the coast-lines of many countries around the world. The system is based on Automatic Identification System (AIS). Marine Traffic operates over 2, 000 AIS stations located in more than 165 countries across the world and delivers the most comprehensive AIS coastal tracking facility available today.

Through a partnership with Orbcomm, MarineTraffic also offers a satellite tracking facility for those vessels on ocean passages and out of range of coastal AIS stations. This allows vessels to be monitored in open ocean.

MarineTraffic attracts 6 million unique visitors and almost 20 million visits to its website each month. More than 500, 000 users access MarineTraffic from mobile apps.


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