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Nicolas Bornozis at the podium delivering his speech

Nicolas Bornozis at the podium delivering his speech

The Greeks have an exceptionally powerful word when it comes to glorify somebody for his unique and monumental success: apotheosis*!

At a full house at Mikrolimano’s Yacht Club of Greece last night, the president and Governors of the Propeller Club of the International  Port of Piraeus, in its first Members’ Day Meeting for 2016, presented the 1st Propeller Club of Piraeus’ Award to Nicolas C. Bornozis, President of Capital Link. This award refers to Bornozis’ personal contribution in strengthening the bilateral relations between Greece and the United States of America in the Maritime Field.

Nicolas Bornozis delivered a speech on “Greek Shipping Companies in the US Capital Markets: a close relationship”; an excellent presentation on all counts.

An excellent night organised by Captain George Xyradakis, president of the PPC and its Governors; very warm words by the iconic Thimio E. Mitropoulos Emeritus Secretary-General of the IMO.

Before the drinks and dips reception, Membership Certificates were given to Members of the Propeller Club who fulfilled their obligations to the Club for 2015/16!

Who wasn’t there to honour Nicolas: bankers, economists, shipmanagers and shipowners, lawyers, technical consultants, politicians, cruise line managers, marine insurance brokers, corporate social responsibility specialists and many many others from maritime associations and organisations, including the press and media. Well done! A very special and touching moment for Nicolas Bornozis, his sister Olga, family and associates following Capital Link’s successful 7th Annual Greek Shipping Forum 48 hours ago…

* Apotheosis remains one of the most powerful words; just check in Wikipedia and the Oxford and Cambridge Scholars…

P.S.: Needless to mention the Facebook alerts from many friends and supporters on the occassion!

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