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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With the BDI at 376, that’s ten points plus since yesterday, but with the Capers as volatile as ever dropping at 178 – minus two points since yesterday the markets continue to be an enigma; John Faraclas reports:

  • The Panamaxes our favourite size and its respective index the BPI gained 25 points standing at 447!
  • The Suprs’ BSI with a plus 13 stand at 399, only one point from the 400 points mark!
  • The BHSI managed to get another three plus and at 243 await further… orders!
  • The Wets  and the Cleans with mixed feelings; the BDTI and BCTI closing at 756 + 18, and the BCTI at 500 – minus 15 respectively prepare the market for more worries, depending from which side of the equilibrium you stand!!

The price of oil – WTI, as you read these line is trying to maintain the US$ 37 mark; we shall see.

Once again a great market to invest in shipping; privately, or via the stock markets, or funds or whatever is available to support you, go for it! As many shipping entities will fall, unlisted or listed, tramp or liner, one can fnd some nice ships – very few though, to acquire at very very low prices. Let’s see the entrance of teh white knights!

Geopolitics and the Migrants issues remain a palaver; we mentioned a few things yesterday and we stick to our thoughts and position.  Time will tell!

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