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Ballast water management experts gather for R&D forum

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IMO BWM RD FORUM 16MARCH201616/03/2016  – Experts at the forefront of research and development in relation to preventing of the spread of potentially harmful species in ballast water have gathered in Montreal, Canada for a key international forum under the banner “Ballast Water Management Convention – moving towards implementation”. IMO’s International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments is very close to reaching entry into force criteria. 

Some 140 participants at the 6th Global Environment Facility (GEF)-United Nations Development Program (UNDP)-IMO GloBallast R&D Forum and Exhibition on Ballast Water Management (16-18 March) will share knowledge and experience on treatment technologies and alternative methods and highlight current research. Compliance monitoring and enforcement including sampling and analysis will also be discussed.

The forum, which brings together scientific experts and academia with the maritime industry and leaders in technology development for ships’ ballast water management, was launched by Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Canada.  IMO’s Stefan Micallef, Director, Marine Environment Division, delivered an opening speech.

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