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BDI’s …upwards rally ends with a three points down mark

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI closed three points standing at 393 prompting many discussions not just in the Square Mile, but even far beyond! John Faraclas’ mid-week market and geopolitics recapitulation.

The most volatile of all indices, that of the Capers (BCI 2014) lost 14 points (172). The Panamaxes and its respective index the BPI lost another seven – now standing at 474 points; the BSI (Supras) up seven at 439 and lastly the BHSI up two standing at 257. Another Caution as this first interruption might cause other tremors!

The Wets  with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI and BCTI were plus nine and minus two points respectively – now standing at 870 and 503!

All the shipping fraternity are closely watching who will acquire the Baltic Exchange!

The price of WTI as you read these lines approaches the US$ 38…

Many bankruptcies; many vessels are changing hands under duress, even entire fleets… Expect more spill overs… Yet the best time to enter shipping. A good time also to get rid of pesters, business shipping hooligans and others!

The Shipbuilding industry will be entering soon a new phase!

To entertain you a bit, herebelow is an interesting infographic from VesselsValue; please comment. This infographic looking at the top 5 shipyards ranked by the market value of the newbuilding contacts currently on order. Senior Data Editor, Craig Jallal, commented ‘The current top five shipbuilding groups have seen a significant decline in value of their orderbooks year-on-year since March 2015.  Hyundai HI has suffered the largest decline, down by 12%, but fifth-placed Imabari of Japan, enjoyed a 9% increase in the value of its orderbook.’

top 5 shipbuilders by on order-03






The geopolitics front:

  • The UK government Budget is more than a surprise and very interesting.  The best thing is to understand why the Chancellor will try to defy political history; all good thinkers and pragmatists must support this budget! It is now or never! As Ringo Starr once upon a time come on top by singing the song “It don’t come easy”, equally George Osborne must turn the cards and tide to his and the United Kingdom’s benefit by staying in the EU and to “act now so we don’t have to pay later”. Time and history will tell… Did anybody mentioned BREXIT?
  • The Migrants issue becomes more and more demanding and controversial and if not appropriately resolved it will be the end of Europe. Schengen might soon be pronounced null and void, we say, might… Thirty years after it was signed and twenty years after it come into effect, is quite a success, but others needed to destroy Europe or part of…
  • The Syrian saga and the next one to come will teach the world a very hard lesson. Be on guard for developments.
  • In Brussels the security services are doing a good job against terrorists! We must wipe them off though asap before it is too late!
  • In Greece things might get more than sour, surpassing our expectations. Time please Mr. Tsipras! Enough on all fronts or else! Has GREXIT been selved or are we going to see majotr changes with incalculable repercurrssions for the entire world given the inability of this regime to bring the much needed real change?
  • Turkey has aspiration in entering the family of European Nations; but only birds of feather flock together: this is the harsh reality… unless… Eh!
  • In Brazil Lula makes waves… the Olympic Games though must go on uninterrupted!
  • North Korea must be curbed here and now… same applies for ISIS…
  • India and Pakistan must also make peace by any means even via cricket. Both nations must seize the momentum!
  • In China Li goes ahead with the five year plan being approved; is that a re-assurance or a reinsurance act? Watch this space!
  • Argentina sinks a Chinese fishing boat; what will Mr. Li do on this occasion? EEZ must be respected at all costs!
  • The US election campaign will now enter the difficult path. Our survey points to Hillary Clinton; can she do it? Can she change the odds – I mean being a woman?

Have a nice evening!

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