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Unsustainable shipping markets; the BDI stuck @398

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

At 398 the BDI confirms our past predictions and thoughts of unsustainability, volatility and uncertainty.  Add the latest massacre in Brussels and the existing world economic and geopolitical turmoil and see what you get and, more importantly where we are being directed – not heading; John Faraclas writes:

So, no change for the BDI today; stuck at 398 points awaits the next major news to happen in the markets. The BCI 2014 closed at 186 points – down 11; the BPI stood at 455 points – that’s four points down; the BSI was up four points closing at 464 points and the Handies’ BHSI gained two points standing at 264 points.

Al in all a downwards market.-

The wets with mixed figures; the last published BDTI and BCTI were 848 and 501 points respectively – down 18 and plus two…

The WTI stands just above the US$40… we shall see what happens next. For some still at low levels; for others seems fine…

The Terrorists atrocities today in Brussels with their coward attack in the heart of the European Union for sure will not go without the appropriate reply. We don’t need though any short of reply, we only want to see the ISIS and all terrorists raised to the ground; it’s about time, otherwise expect hell. Smash them Mr. Obama, as all he European leaders prove with the results so far, tight on the wall like Prometheus in bounds!  Is there something we don’t know or understand?  Indeed this post here condemns the European leaders as they haven’t managed to rectify the Migrants issue! Imagine if the public to protect itself follows the example of Prometheus and ignores and defies the gods and gives fire to mankind…

Let us be on guard as following the film “London has Fallen” a lot can happen, but equally the public can counter on its own against anything to do with all these Islamist Terrorists amongst us, among the entire world. They are at large, but we too, are ready to strike. Being in shipping makes us all very concerned; we have explained in the past that we do not want our dear ones onboard or ashore in the line of business and working duty to suffer!


It is about time, following today’s attack in Brussels  Zaventem  to safeguard properly the Airports and not just the passengers at the point of security check prior entering the tax free zones before  boarding the airplanes!

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